Without knowing it, you can cause damage to your hair each day through simple activities. The overall state of your hair can tell you quite a lot about the overall state of your health. We are bombarded with so much weight loss solutions and fitness machines that it can be easy to forget all about our hair.

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What Causes Bad Hair

If your hair is damaged, understand that every day will be a ‘bad hair day’ which is never a great feeling. By looking at your lifestyle, it can soon become clear where hair damage is occurring.

Sun exposure is bad for your hair, and that ‘sun-kissed’ look is a sure sign of damage. The UV rays fade your hairs color and make the follicles brittle and dry.

To counter against this, the easiest solution is to wear a hat and form a routine whereby you are washing your hair on a weekly basis with a deep conditioner.

A deep conditioner is one where you must leave the conditioner in for five minutes or more to allow it to penetrate deeply into the hair. It’s advisable to do it once a week, and you can even buy hair products containing things like sunscreen.

How busy your lifestyle is can be the source of a lot of the problems causing bad hair. You may be in the habit of blow drying to save time in the mornings for example or not conditioning your hair well enough and having to instead brush aggressively to untangle it. All of this is impacting your hair negatively. Let your hair dry naturally as much as possible, take care of it and condition it well to avoid having to brush aggressively.

Slow Down

When your life is in a rush, it’s often what we do to save time which causes us to mistreat our hair, all for the sake of saving a few minutes.

Hair loss can be devastating for men – for women it can be even worse. Natural hair loss can occur for many reasons, and for women that lose their hair, human hair wigs are a natural choice but can be extremely expensive.

There are different ways to prevent your hair from damage. You can use protective creams and sprays. There are also instructions on how to use thermal devices to avoid toasting it. Unfortunately, there are always chances of damaging your hair.

Hair damage is possible even if we follow the right procedures to style it. This is because; styling our hair is not the only thing we do. We do not use the 1-inch curling iron all the time. Aside from that, we do other stuff. Some of us will spend an afternoon at the beach or the pool. Others may join our pals for a weekend hike.

Examples like this will expose your hair to the scorching sun and chlorine. The pollution from the environment can also add up to ruining hair like a strong wind, dust, and pollution. So if you are wondering why your hair is still dry and frizzy even after conditioning regularly, think of the other things that you have been doing.

Revitalize your damaged hair.

After a dip in the pool, wash it immediately. Do not let your hair dry with chlorine in it. Shampoo it well and rinse properly. After that, apply conditioner. Leave the conditioner on your hair for about fifteen minutes. It will make it softer and smoother after you shower.

Do not use thermal devices for a while. Using curling irons will only make the condition of your hair worst. If you do not like how your hair look because of its condition; you can wear a hat or a scarf. You can even use other accessories to style it even if you are not using hair devices.

Use hair treatment products. These products will help it rejuvenate and will allow the hair to generate natural oils after burning it from the heat of the sun. They also repair damaged hair cuticles. Ask your hairdresser about what product treatment will work best.

Avoid things that will damage your hair even more. That’s easier said than done but possible with a tad bit more effort. This means you have to give a little more time by doing some research, and asking questions. Chemicals are strong substances that will significantly affect the composition of your hair. Some reactions can cause your hair to dry and break easily.

It is not only important to know how to prevent hair damage. It is equally crucial to know what to do when it is. It is important that you avoid the heat and chemicals when your hair is recovering. Look for products that you can use to help repair it. You can ask the assistance of a professional to find the right product for your hair. Continue using products like conditioners. Most importantly, avoid doing things to lovely hair that will damage it again.

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Calm down with that brush

Of course, another reason for hair loss is the way brush it. Brushing often and removing the hair that has died is also very important. If dead hair is brushed away, it will allow another hair to grow underneath it. However, there are causes which are not controllable by you such as genetics (inherited male pattern baldness), changes in the hormone levels (menopause and pregnancy), certain diseases (diabetes), some medications used in the treatment of illnesses and diseases, cancer drugs and treatments, even surgeries, etc.

How do you style your hair? Perms, Straighteners, and some shampoos damage your hair every time you use them. Also pulling on your hair, such as with pigtails or tight rollers is damaging and can potentially cause a condition known as traction alopecia.

Finally, we must mention coloring, and I’m sure we are all aware of its potential to damage hair simply due to the active chemicals used in them which are rather harsh. The best practice is to limit how often you color your hair and to not stray radically away from your natural color. By adhering to a simple and sensible approach, you’ll be protecting your hair responsibly.